I started knitting in the summer of 2014. I found it immediately both fun and relaxing, and you get the satisfaction of making a physical object yourself.

I've so far only attempted small projects, because of the time needed, so I've made small stuffed toys for myself and my friends. I think they make fantastic presents for birthdays and christmas, I think people appreciate them because of the ammount of time and care that has gone into them.

For the patterns I've created myself I will try to write them up and put them here, for other things I'll just upload some pictures and try to link to the pattern I used.


This was the first thing I knitted at all, so I was rather surprised it was such a success. This penguin has become my constant desktop companion. Some people have accused it of being the Linux penguin but I tell you it is not.



I made this for a work-friend who was mad about dogs, they adored them all and I thought it would be nice to give them this as a parting gift.



This was the first project where I'd made it up myself rather than using someone else's pattern. I asked my friend what his favourite Pokemon was and he picked Cloyster. Not the easiest one to knit if I do say so.



At the same time I was also working with someone who was definitely a cat person, there were many dog vs cat arguments so this seemed like a perfect dual gift.



This was a gift to someone to say thank you. Turns out though there are no good robin patterns free on the web, so I had to adapt a bluetit by changing the colours.



This was a gift to somone for their birthday since they had a large drawing of Smurfette on their wall. I think they were impressed.